About HippoRental

HippoRental team, consisted of individuals with extensive background in engineering, heavy equipment, and marketing, has built a next generation platform for construction solutions.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

With years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, we have built a single unified platform offering full-service heavy equipment solutions, focusing on connecting owners of idle machinery with users looking to lease. Blockchain technology provides smart contracts to users, and platform centralizes and simplifies entire construction process.

Our Team

Zeinab Mosavari Nezamabad

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Zeinab Leads core Product strategy, and is responsible for HippoRentals long-term success.

She is a member on the board of directors of a large heavy equipment rental company, and she has a background in electrical engineering.

Alireza Mahdavi Aghdam

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Alireza leads core Sales strategy, managing equipment sales and building a network of renters.

He is the managing director of a heating and cooling installation company and he has a background in mechanical engineering.

Sara Asgharian Vaijooyeh

Marketing Manager

Sara leads core marketing strategy, focusing on digital outreach and brand image.

She has a certificate in marketing with some experience in different areas.

full-service heavy equipment solutions

Heavy equipment, whether stored in a warehouse or employed in a project, run idle most of the time. By connecting owners of idle machinery with users looking to rent heavy equipment, HippoRental minimizes wasting these valuable resources in construction industry.

In addition, HippoRental provides renters and owners of heavy equipment with a full-service web application to track and manage their machinery; from keeping track of equipment by GPS mapping, to service and maintenance suggestions based on machine history.

Why Choose Us

Optimized Process

Finding best possible matches for equipment renters and owners based on requirements of both sides.

Smart Contracts

Agreement is automatically generated between both sides and users are guided through its execution.

Comprehensive Service

Fleet track and management, detailed asset information, service and maintenance suggestions, and more.

Extensive Support

Our service and support covers both sides on all possible challenges they may face along the way.

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