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We connect owners of idle machinery with users looking to lease and centralize and simplify the entire construction process.

Why Choose Us

Optimized Process

Finding best possible matches for equipment renters and owners based on requirements of both sides.

Smart Contracts

Agreement is automatically generated between both sides and users are guided through its execution.

Comprehensive Service

Fleet track and management, detailed asset information, service and maintenance suggestions, and more.

Extensive Support

Our service and support covers both sides on all possible challenges they may face along the way.

Equipment Rental Interface

HippoRental is an easy-to-use platform for renters and owners of heavy equipment. Users can input their special requirements, available machinery, and location and get best possible suitors. Renters can express interest into an owner's equipment and send requests. Equipment owners will then be alerted and can choose to accept or deny a request.

Smart Recommendations

Owners of idle machinery and users looking to lease equipment are analyzed based on their requirements and conditions. Smart pairings will then be made using advanced blockchain capabilities, connecting renters with appropriate machinery owners.

Centralized Platform

Rented equipment data, lease status and history, and construction workflows are connected in our web application to track and optimize fleet and manage bottlenecks. Specifically, the equipment real-time location can be tracked, and service and maintenance suggestions can be made based on the machine work history.

full-service heavy equipment solutions

Heavy equipment, whether stored in a warehouse or employed in a project, run idle most of the time. By connecting owners of idle machinery with users looking to rent heavy equipment, HippoRental minimizes wasting these valuable resources in construction industry.

In addition, HippoRental provides renters and owners of heavy equipment with a full-service web application to track and manage their machinery; from keeping track of equipment by GPS mapping, to service and maintenance suggestions based on machine history.

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