Forklift Market in Iran: An Overview of the Market


Forklifts are crucial industrial machines used for moving heavy weights. In Iran, forklifts are widely used in various industries. However, the forklift market in Iran differs from other parts of the world in terms of rental and sales rates and services. This article explores the unique challenges and opportunities in the forklift market in Iran.

The Exclusivity of the Forklift Market

In Iran, the sale and purchase of forklift trucks, their parts, and spare parts are exclusive. Unlike most parts of the world, where supply and demand determine the equilibrium price of forklift sales, rentals, and purchases, in Iran, these rates are determined by the seller and rental companies. This is one of the main reasons for the exclusivity of forklift prices in Iran.

Other Reasons for Exclusivity of Forklift Prices

Several factors contribute to the exclusivity of forklift prices in Iran. One of the most significant is the ban on importing forklifts. With only one forklift factory in Iran, the supply of forklifts does not meet the demand, resulting in higher prices. Another factor is the extreme fluctuations in the exchange rate in Iran, causing sellers to be uncertain about selling prices. Finally, the lack of imports and high exchange rates mean that forklift sales and rental companies are forced to overhaul old machines, leading to higher prices for parts and services.

Limited Number of Forklift Rental Companies

Due to the lack of forklifts and parts in Iran, the number of forklift rental companies that have many machines is small. These companies usually undertake matters related to the rental and services of forklifts by participating in factory tenders. For individuals wanting one or two forklifts, the method of selling and renting is in person, and the process is not available online.

Providing Services to Factories and Industrial Workshops

Despite the limitations and problems mentioned, companies in Iran continue to provide services to factories and industrial workshops. Annual tenders related to factory services mean that service providers and forklift rental companies must consider all the increases in the cost of parts and include them in the proposed prices.


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